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Najib Launches Personal Website

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak has launched his personal website at

In statement issued by the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, the website is intended to be a forum for all Malaysians to exchange views on the important issues that face them as well as to promote common goals and highlight the nation’s unique diversity.

Najib in the statement said he was concerned that certain quarters were seeking to drive wedges between Malaysia’s communities for political and personal gain and was intended as a portal through which members of the public could directly engage in open and honest dialogue directly with him as the Deputy Prime Minister.

“I do not believe in the politics of “deceive, divide and rule”. Returning to our long held belief in unity and mutual respect is more important now than ever,’ he said.

He said the website was for all Malaysians and he encouraged those who rely on the Internet for information, communication, and community to join this discussion.

“As I work to update my skills, I will need your input and response to let me know how I am doing. The insight of the online community increasingly reflects what is important to Malaysians and I am eager to gain that perspective.” “I hope this website will initiate an open and vital dialogue, exploring our Malaysian identity, purpose and direction. As a father of two teenagers, I am both familiar with and resigned to heated debate and disagreement.” “Let’s proceed as the extended family we are. Let’s practice courtesy in our discourse and make understanding the primary goal of our interaction,” he said.

Najib also encouraged people to join him in defining Malaysia and the role Malaysians must play in its future.

“Each of us despite our differences, shares a desire for a better tomorrow.

Each of us wants opportunity, respect, friendship, and understanding. Each one of us, in our unique way, is Malaysian. Together, we are One Malaysia. I hope we will keep this conversation going,” said Najib.

Najib also encouraged all Malaysians to join this dialogue, gain the perspective of their fellow citizens, and provide direct feedback on how our government can more fully respect Malaysian society.

source : NST
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