'Crooked Bridge' Project Between Malaysia & Singapore

The revival of the crooked bridge project across the Johor Straits under the new leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak meets the aspiration of the Johor people.

Johor Umno Youth information chief Khalid Mohamad said all the people of Johor, regardless of religious belief and race, wanted the government to review the decision made in 2006 to cancel the construction of the crooked bridge.

"The people of Johor are placing high hopes on the Prime Minister to review the decision to cancel the crooked bridge project across the Johor Straits.

"The effects from the construction of the crooked bridge will be most positive to the Johor economy. We urge the government to reconsider (the cancellation) as soon as possible," said Khalid who is also the Johor Baru Umno Youth chief, at a media conference, here today.

He said although the country was facing the global economic slowdown, the construction of the crooked bridge would stimulate the local economy and bring it out of the recession.
"It (the construction of the bridge) is a long-term investment and no one can deny the positive effects arising from the construction of the bridge to the Johor economy and in creating various economic opportunities," he said.

On the possibility of Singapore protesting the revival of the project, he said both countries were capable of avoiding the issue from being made a collateral in resolving outstanding problems.

Yesterday, the public including associations and the Johor Chinese and Indian Chambers of Commerce expressed confidence that the cancellation of the crooked bridge project would be reviewed by Najib's administration.

Source : NST
Tag : Technology
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