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14th Asean Summit Cancelled

The 14th Asean Summit is cancelled, the Thai government announced in Pattaya today.
Earlier posting A PLANNED bilateral meeting between Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and his Malaysian counterpart, Datuk Seri Najib Razak was cancelled today, among the victims of anti-Thai government protests held outside the Royal Cliff Hotel here.

As the number of red-attired supporters of former Thai premier Thaksin Shinatwatra swells outside of the Asean and related summits venue, meetings between foreign ministers earlier planned was also cancelled.

Meetings of Asean leaders and its dialogue partners now hang in the balance as a decision will only be made after today’s luncheon whether to proceed or to cancel the event altogether.

A press briefing just held said meeting host Thailand will put the safety of foreign leaders at the summit as its top priority in deciding whether to continue or cancel the meeting.
The Malaysian delegation is currently awaiting further development.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported hundreds of demonstrators have stormed into the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall compound in an attempt to disrupt the 14th Asean Summit and related summits.

Source : NST
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