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Google Phone ($179)

Amazing that Google Inc.'s will launch their first cell phone that almost same with Apple Inc's iPhone. It has a large touch screen, trackball, slide out keyboard and easy access to Google's email and mapping programs.

The G1 phone cost about $179 with a two-year contract. It will sell in Oct. 22 and heads to Britain in November and other European countries early next year.
T-Mobile stores will sell the phone in the U.S cities that will be 21 cities including New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami.

In other areas, people will be able to buy the phone from T-Mobile's Web site. The phone does work on T-Mobile's slower data network, but it's optimized for the faster networks. It can also connect at Wi-Fi hotspots.

The data plan for the phone will cost $25 per month on top of the calling service, at the low end of the range for data plans at U.S. wireless carriers. And at $179, the G1 is $20 less than the least expensive iPhone in the U.S.

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