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Alexandra Kosteniuk (Queen of Chess)

Stunningly beautiful Russian beach model Alexandra Kosteniuk won the Queen of Chess title at the Women's World Chess Championship on Wednesday.

Kosteniuk, 23, defeated Chinese prodigy Hou Yifan in the finals in Russia, earning her the world champion title. She is the world's 12th Woman Chess Champion. The Russian chess grandmaster beat Hou with a score of 2.5-1.5 in the four-match game.

Kosteniuk is the only person to hold the titles of World Champion in Classical Chess and in Chess960 simultaneously since 2006.
"Thanks to all of you for your wonderful support during the tournament and now, Alexandra is thrilled to be getting thousands of emails, guestbook entries, Facebook messages and youTube views, thanks!" her website proclaimed.

A photo of Kosteniuk donning a crown with 46 diamonds and three blue sapphires, a gold world champion medal and a laurel wreath at the closing ceremony was posted on the website. Kosteniuk, who hosts the popular podcast Chess is Cool, has raised eyebrows among critics with her motto "beauty and intelligence can go together".
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